Top Twenty Invitational

The Top Twenty Invitational event is a competition held in conjunction with the American Bloodhound   Club National Specialty. This invitational event is not however, an official American Kennel Club           (AKC) event, which means the winner shall not earn AKC points.

The Top Twenty Invitational was introduced at the 2005 American Bloodhound Club National Specialty hosted by the Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club. Extensive research into how other AKC Parent Clubs conducted a Top Twenty event became the basis for what has been developed by recognized Regional ABC Clubs to showcase the top winning dogs in our bloodhound breed.

The Top Twenty event was conceived as a way to recognize the achievements of bloodhounds, breeders, and owners whose dogs were ranked in the Top Twenty Bloodhounds according to AKC breed points. It is also an educational opportunity for fanciers, breeders, exhibitors and judges to see top dogs from all over the country and it provides a forum for the top winning dogs to be shown at the ABC National Specialties.

The Top Twenty catalog is a critical component of this event. The catalog provides an invaluable historical document of the top winning dogs every year.   It contains statistical information of previous events, winners, owners, breeders, pictures, pedigrees, win records, breeder’s information, owners, contact information, and a short biographical piece about each dog.

To attend this year's Top 20 Invitational as a guest click on the button and purchase your meal ticket.

To purchase a Top 20 Catalogue with all of the information on the finalist click on this button. 

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