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Saint Hubert Hounds







Community (bloodhounds in social situations)

Miscellaneous (photos that are interesting but not tied to a category above)


  • Entrant must sign an agreement to the terms listed under Prizes and that the photo entered is their work or have a signed release from the photographer.

  • Photo needs to be ready for display either on a board/stiff paper or in a frame.  

  • A photo may be submitted by an entrant not attending but it must be suitable for display either by hanging or to sit on a flat surface.

  • Photo must be at least 8x10.

  • The photographer’s name will be hidden until after judging.

  • Mailed photos must be received no later than Oct. 31, 2019 if being mailed. 

  • Payment may accompany the entry with a check or be made on the National Store at https://www.2019abcnational.org/.  (See payment options below.)

Mail to:

Emily Williams

P.O. Box 1772

Fayetteville, AR 72702

Photos may be given to any member of the National Committee at the event site up to 5:00 PM CST Wednesday, November 7th for inclusion.  Payment must be made at the time of submission if not previously paid.


  • Photos will be displayed starting Wednesday afternoon in the Ball Room.

  • Judging will end an hour after the last of the National Classes concludes.

  • Votes will be made through the purchase of tickets with each ticket costing $1.00.

  • Category Photos will be judged by attendee’s votes with the photo in each category with the most tickets being the winner of that category.  

  • The Grand Prize will be awarded by a panel of 3 judges.  Judges names will be kept anonymous.  No judge may have an entry in the contest.  Grand Prize judges will be allowed to vote in the preliminary voting.


  • A winner will be selected in each category.  The winners of each category will compete for the Grand Prize.  The Grand Prize will be awarded by a committee. 

  • The winner in each category will receive a cash prize of $10.00.

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive $50.00 and the photo will be published in the Bulletin in the National Specialty Edition.

  • The winning photo in each category will be auctioned Friday evening at the Banquet.  

  • The auction purchase price will be split 50/50 between the photographer and South Central Bloodhound Club.


$10.00 = One Entry

$20.00 = Three Entries            

$25.00= Four Entries           

$30.00 = Five Entries           

$35.00 = Six Entries           

$43.00 = Seven Entries   


Entries may be in one category or any combination of categories.

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